Why choose Ionic Framework for Hybrid App Development?

We will discuss here, why a developer should choose ionic architectures for hybrid application development. For this, it is important to first know what Ionic Framework is.

What is Ionic Framework?

Ionic is one of the most popular open-source platforms deployed for building outstanding hybrid mobile applications. It is a JavaScript-based toolkit for developing mobile and desktop programs using web technologies: CSS, HTML5, and SASS. The major focus of the ionic framework is basically on the front-end UI of the application (interactions, gestures, animation).

One of the features of the Ionic framework is that one can easily integrate it with other libraries, frameworks and it can also work as a standalone platform.

Why use the Ionic framework to Build Hybrid Applications?

As said earlier, Ionic Framework allows a mix of languages like JavaScript, HTML, or CSS to be used, and since it is an open-source platform, it has proved to be the preferred framework for mobile application development experts.

Let’s discuss the advantages of the Ionic Framework and why it should be chosen for hybrid mobile application development.

Across Platforms

If you plan to build an app that can work on every platform instead of a particular operating system, Ionic Framework ought to be your go-to program. The Ionic Framework provides you with the opportunity to convert from one operating system to another, with a choice of different languages.

Furthermore, by opting for a crossbreed language rather than an indigenous language you need to invest less money and time for developing the application along with learning every single language for every platform.


An important advantage of Ionic Framework is that it’s possible to develop apps for free. Although this platform can usually cost $1000, there is no need to spend money on it with Ionic Framework. Money can be invested in the design, research, and marketing of the app.

Open Source

When a developer is recruited, they will claim that there is a lack of consistency with open source, and for quite a few, the fact that the Ionic platform is an open-source framework can be a big drawback.

Some expert ionic app developers can ensure the stability of the applications that were produced on this platform without facing any kind of stability problems.

Angular Base

For mobile and web apps, Angular can be considered a go-to framework for developers. It could be used to create other web applications through language learning.

You will also get other benefits such as an option to expand the HTML syntax to ensure that components can be included within the app you developed.

Cordova Plugins

Plugins play an important and beneficial role in creating applications. If you are new to the field of application development and do not know the term plugin, then this (plugin) is a code that is coded in JavaScript. It is connected to the application that enables the developer to perform many tasks.

Cordova plugins are used in an Ionic framework which enables it to access various properties of the operating system such as camera, battery, Geolocation, and beyond. This type of plugin gives you the opportunity to create an app in which you can achieve your optimum efficiency by using all these features. 

Large Community

If you are an expert in mobile and website app development and a newcomer to the ionic framework, then you will definitely need assistance as it would not be an easy task. You will have various issues that you may encounter while you are

  • This happens to be an energetic group of individuals while they continue to post and provide updates regarding the Ionic framework, Angular as well as any relevant subject on specific YouTube channels or different forums.
  • If you are looking for Ionic founders, you can also find them on social networking sites and they will help you as needed.
  • In comparison to an iOS application or any kind of Android app Ionic Framework while coupled with Angular JS as well as Cordova they present an ideal podium for any hybrid app. Therefore, while there might be lots of reasons for making use of Ionic Framework such as it is free, it happens to be open-source, provides a significantly better UI experience, and so forth.

The essential factor that developers should always remember is to provide optimal risk for building an application. Create Ionic mobile application ensures that it is easy to create hybrid applications with this platform. All you need to do is to learn ionic and build an app.

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