What is CodeIgniter?

Creating web applications consumes time for the code has to be repeatedly written. Thanks to CodeIgniter, an Application Development Framework that saves time by providing a starting block and reducing the coding. CodeIgniter (CI) is driven by PHP software and simplifies the PHP code resulting in a fully interactive, dynamic website at a much shorter time.

CodeIgniter compares to CakePHP. It uses MVC (Model View Controller) framework and has become one of the most popular apps for PHP development, due to compatibility with shared web hosts and different versions of PHP.

CI solves the complexity of PHP with high performance as its comprised of easily accessible libraries predesigned for rapid code development.

CodeIgniter is apt for developers starting their structure from scratch and needing an easy scaffold. It holds a logical technique that allows you to spin out utilities via extensions and other plug-ins. For minimal costs, quality, and time to market, this is a remarkable framework for your business.

With CI, programmers need not observe command lines. It also supports coding guidelines and friendly to simple keys and documentations that are well-defined. That’s why CodeIgniter has become the app of choice. It’s also time-saving as new applications are flawlessly consolidated by using the present codes / preceding work. Your development costs are thus reduced.

MVC Based System

MVC pattern comes in handy in creating multiplex models and innovating applications. CodeIgniter assists to structure main libraries helping programmers integrate the already formulated characters with the databank.

Error Handling

Swift error recognition function handled universally. CodeIgniter resolves this by saving debugging info as text files. Sorting gets simpler by having all errors in one place.

Form Validation

With CodeIgniter, you can write a code in just one line, free of errors, and also set configurations within the HTML form.


With CodeIgniter migration toolkit, data management and updates around several fields are simplified.

Advantages of CodeIgniter Framework Application Development:
  • Easy installation/set up.
  • Has a documentation structure
  • Time saving due to enhanced coding
  • Compatible with inbuilt libraries and helpers
  • Robust platform based on the Powerful URI routing control
  • 100% customer satisfaction is assured. And our Applications receive a 5.0 out of 5.0 score from a large consumer base on the Play store.
  • Highly secure. The in-built tools filter data making migration safe.
At Excent Solutions, our gurus will give you the best service using CodeIgniter Framework in the following:-
  • Application development
  • CMS Development
  • Template Design
  • Portal Development
  • Creating robust web platforms with CodeIgniter & MySQL
  • Up grading
  • Web development and maintenance
  • CodeIgniter integration, configuration, and deployment
  • Backend support and maintenance
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Extension development
  • CodeIgniter AJAX-based Shopping Cart development
  • Ecommerce business setup
With a proven track record of successful service delivery around all industries, we lead the way in CodeIgniter development services projects. You can be a trailblazer too. Address the skyrocketing digital expansion needs of your business through our services today.

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