Is React Native Remould into Hybrid App Development?

Hybrid app Development

Yes, we absolutely agree that React Native is the future of hybrid app development. We will know about it in detail below:

Brief introduction of React Native

React Native is an open-source framework that is a tool from Facebook, it is supported for creating apps for Android and iOS. The ultimate motto of React Native is “Learn once, write everywhere”. This is helpful to improve the productivity of the developer and save money and time to build the app. For this reason, React Native is called the future of hybrid application development.

React Native uses the app’s native UI blocks, which can then be put together via JavaScript. Also, the simplicity of rendering UI components is associated with React for iOS Plus Android.

After getting to know React Native, we will see why it is considered the future of hybrid applications.

Brief Introduction to Hybrid Apps

React Native is a single code base that is compatible with multiple native and web applications. It helps to deploy the same app in different operating systems like Windows, Android, and iOS as well as Mozilla, It is possible to run on different browsers like Chrome. Many hybrid apps are built using cross-compatible web technologies like Jquery Mobile, PhoneGap, etc.

Why create hybrid apps using React Native?

Identical appearance and feel as native

By creating an app with React Native, you can get all the advantages of a hybrid application as well as overcome its problems. Although it is a web app that has been molded into a native container to be mobile-friendly. React does not provide a web view and is ideal for mobiles. The primary function of any native application is compatibility and with ease is the best it has to offer and helps app development services do exactly that.

Shared codebase between iOS and Android

The issue of writing different codebase for different platforms has now been resolved by React Hybrid App. Its single codebase system can be used in many ways. This saves developers time and users Provide a well-matched version of the app in their mobile gadgets. Because functionality will vary from platform to platform, it is imperative to write some code according to platform specifications, and about 80% of the codebase is the same.

Programming model identical to React JS

Facebook has created React Native Plus React JS, which provides every necessary module that React has. Also, React JS is one of the best libraries to be used by developers.

Additionally, it helps make an excellent tool for mobile app development. Hence, it can be said that React JS developers find it beneficial to work in React Native.

Open and rich ecosystem

There has been a big change after the arrival of React Native. Many industry stalwarts have turned to React Native especially because of its richness and free access to a wide range of modules. Having different libraries before it, Developers face a lot of challenges to code the app with better UX. It has helped to simplify a lot of things for developers at present. This provides the advantage of customizing them as long as React Native supports it.

Created for mobile

Any app today needs to be mobile-friendly, and as a result, This helps make React Native the ideal choice for any business. React Native is a supporting offering specifically for mobile apps. Rapid growth and increasing volume of work moving to mobile. Therefore, it is very important to have an app that is mobile-friendly.

Therefore, you must have an idea to build a hybrid mobile application using React Native.

Plenty of libraries and tools

React Native Mobile App is the perfect tool. As a result of its beta-testing, it is the best solution for any mobile app issues and is one of the most effective solutions for UI which helps to make it famous among developers. Developing cross-platform applications using React Native instead of hybrid applications provides profit to any company. It offers a range of tools, including integration libraries for standard UI controls and maps.

Minimized time and cost

Offers a solution to every single issue with regards to the mobile application. This allows single-source developers to produce work within a given period of time. In addition, it can also be easily accessed for free, It is an open-source platform, which makes it more attractive. The good thing is that it reduces the developer time by 30% due to a single codebase of hybrid app development.


React Native has been adopted by many industrialists and helps in providing a great user experience which helps in improving the ratings of the apps along with the reviews. As we all know,  visual aid has been recognized as the most effective aid for performance.

Community Support

React Native claims to have a wide community with lots of developers. It became popular since it appeared as an open-source version on GitHub in 2015. It has a lot of features that make it more valuable on GitHub with 14.5K users subreddit, 88.2K stars on Stack Overflow.

3rd-party plug-in compatibility

React Native comes with a diverse range of third-party libraries that can be plugged in as and when required. It is open-source as well as functional through third-party plug-ins. hereby, users can conveniently access a lot of information and modules to create their own application.

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