Flutter VS. React Native? Which Should I Use?

Mobile App Development

When you are considering which framework to use for cross-platform application building, deciding between Flutter or React Native is one hard nut to crack. Flutter and React Native, are two of the most reliable open-source UI toolkits used for Android Application and Programming Development.

Over time, many app developers have come out, stating their individual experiences and proposing their different theories as to which is actually better. So, let’s help you choose by giving you a systematic breakdown of their notable pros and cons.


Flutter was created by Google and is based on Dart (A fast-rising object-oriented programming language). One distinct feature of Flutter is that; Since they possess a single codebase, applications developed with Flutter behave the same across different operating systems (iOS and Android). But with the use of Cupertino widgets, they take the platform’s design themselves. Top Flutter Mobile Applications include; Alibaba, Google Ads app, Philips Hue, etc.


This UI toolkit was created by Facebook Inc. unlike Flutter, React Native allows a developer to write a unique code for each platform. When developing platforms (iOS and Android) with React Native, a separate optimization is needed for each platform, this makes it slower than Flutter. Some of the Top React Native Developers include; ChopDawg.com, STX Next, and Spire Digital. Top React Native Applications are; Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Skype, and Tesla.


If you have no background knowledge of DART, you might find using Flutter difficult. So, if you are a new developer, React Native would be a good call.

If you’re looking to do more than just application development, Flutter might be a better option. Flutter tools are good for both app, web, and embedded programming.

If you want to have full control of the UI customization, then you need Flutter. React Native, on the other hand, would need a team fluent in JavaScript to help with the customization.

In the Flutter vs. React Native comparison, Flutter is seen as a preferred option.

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