10 Ways to Popularize Your Mobile App before Release

Currently, there are over 1.2 million apps that are available for download. Not only is this, but a hundred of apps are also being released every day. In such a mess, how can you think of diverting the attention of consumers towards your mobile app?

Seems horrifying and difficult, isn’t it?

Don’t worry! We have a bunch of tips for you. These will help you in making your mobile application go viral amid the Smartphone users before the actual release.

Buckle up… Here we go!

Tip 1 – Involve friends, family, and other people you know, in your app testing process. Let them give you feedback. Based on the reviews you get in return, make the alterations in the app if you find any advice to be valuable enough.

Tip 2 – Ask you’re known to post reviews and ratings on the app store. You don’t know, but Apple is now laying more emphasis on rating and review evaluation as compared to the number of downloads. So, to mark a presence, work on getting reviews and forget about increasing the number of downloads for the startup.

Tip 3 – If you are an Android developer, then avoid launching your app on Thursday. And, if you are an iPhone developer, then pre-pone or postpone your app launch but never keep it for Friday. Here, we are not making these speculations ourselves. In fact, these are the real-time analysis generated in return to timely observation over app stores.

Tip 4 – Use Twitter as a huge weapon for bombarding your app in the market. Initially, make a short, clear, and humorous tweet and soon you will see yourself being re-tweeted.

Tip 5 – Create a demo video so that the viewers can have a visual glance over the working of your app.

Tip 6 – Make full use of social networking channels. Try to involve the viewers as much as you can. This way, you will be able to hike their curiosity.

Tip 7 – Invest a little amount of money in getting your mobile application website designed for you. Through it, people will get to know about the specifications and features of your mobile app.

Tip 8 – Adopt microblogging. Simply write, write, and write about your app. But, make sure that it is interesting enough. Otherwise, people will start ignoring your promotional tactics.

Tip 9 – Use QR codes so that the viewers can easily reach your app to get every possible information about it in just a few steps.

Tip 10 – As the release date comes near, publish press releases and attract people through social media.

Just follow these 10 effective tips and WE guarantee that you will have a grand opening for your app.

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